Allocating Jobs for out of hours

  1. If you need to create an appointment for a resource outside of their standard working hours, make sure the out of hours working time has been set up for the resource for the day you require. If you need assistance to create the working time please see Resource (Operative) Out Of Hours Work
  2. Open the job and go to the resource tab. Select ‘New Appointment’ or R to reschedule the current appointment.
  3. You will more than likely be automatically taken to the "Pooled View", select the "Fixed View" option.
  4. Once you have selected the required supplier click refresh. If the resource is not appearing in the drop down that you need select the resource ‘Any’ radio button and click on the refresh button. 
  5. Click on the resource drop down and your resource should now be showing if not on the left hand side select the tick box for ‘Override priorities’ click on the refresh button below.
  6. If you are still unable to see your resource after selecting ‘Any’ next to the resource and ticking ‘Override priorities’, select the tick box for Primary and secondary next to the services. Click on the refresh page to update the page with this request.
  7. The Appointment should be appearing in the holding area. Drag the appointment onto the resources scheduler. The resource will become blue to show the times the resource is available.
  8. Once your appointment has been allocated click on the commit button. If there is a problem with the appointment you can click on the reset button which will move the job back to the holding area. 

NOTE: If you are moving a job between resources make sure the override priorities option is ticket before you try and drag the appointment to the new resource. 

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