Unable to book appointment to a resource


If you are unable to allocate a job to a particular resource there are several resource settings you can check to identify the issue.

Is the resource available?

  1. If you are trying to book the appointment through the pooled view and your resource is not showing as available check the resource has time by selecting the fixed view.
  2. Check to see if there is enough free time on the schedule to fit the duration of the appointment.  To check the duration, double click the appointment in the holding area.
  3. If you need to increase the available time you can reschedule the other appointments or reduce the appointment duration to fit the appointment in. To reduce the duration, double click on the new appointment in the holding area.
  4. When the pop up screen appears, edit the duration box and click save (highlighted in red below).
  5. You can now try to allocate the job to a resource, by dragging and dropping the appointment  from the holding area onto the schedule where there is enough space to fit it.
  6. Once the job has been added to the scheduler select the 'Commit' button for your changes to take affect.

Is the resource account active?

  1. To make sure your resource is still activated and the contract end date has not expired. Go to your admin menu, find teams/suppliers.
  2. Select the appropriate team, by clicking on the relevant row in the table, you will notice the row highlights in blue.
  3. Click on the resources tab and select the individual resource you require in the table, as per the step above.
  4. You will be taken to the resource details screen.  Check the details highlighted in red below, to make sure the account is active and the end date is still valid.  If the details are not correct, click modify (top left underneath the tabs)

Is the resource available for the postcode?

  1. To make sure the resource covers the postcode area for the particular job.  Please follow steps above to get to the desired resource details page.
  2. To edit the Post Code Coverage, click modify (highlighted in red above). You can set up the postcode coverage to be available for all postcodes by selecting the tick boxes (highlighted in red below) to save, click update (top righthand corner, highlighted in red below).
  3. Second option is to specify the first part of the postcodes you need the resource to cover. Follow the steps above to modify the resource details.  Please place a comma in between each postcode without a space.
  4. Check the job you need to allocate for the post code on the site. (e.g. EX14)
  5. You will need to add the postcode to the resource if it is not already there by following step 3 above.

Is the resource available for the service?

  1. Check the service on the job you are trying to schedule. 
  2. You now need to check that the resource you are trying to book the appointment to has that service assigned to them.  To do this follow the steps above to select the correct team and then the relevant resource.
  3. Click on the service/rates tab once on the correct resource page (highlighted in red below).
  4. Check to see if the service is already in the list, if it is missing you can add it using the drop down menu at the bottom, then click "Add Service".  You can also add all the services in the system by clicking "Add All Services".


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