Post Code Coverage

When you create a job the system will look at the teams postcode coverage. When you create an appointment it will look at the resource postcode coverage. 

Creating a new appointment will only show resources that cover the postcode for the site used on the job. You can set resources to cover all postcodes or individually enter postcodes that the resource is available for.

New appointment will also check that the resource can covers the service for the job. Information regarding this can be found under Resource Services

  1. Select the Team page from the admin menu

2. Select the team your resource is in.

3. Select the Resources tab and click on the resource you require to amend the post code coverage for.

4. Click Modify in the top right hand corner.

Non-Emergency Post code coverage is used to specify whether the resource will cover all postcodes or if they will only cover the postcodes listed. If you raise a standard non emergency job it will only use these postcodes to determine which resources are available.

Cover all post codes - If you want the resource to cover all post codes simply tick the tick box.

Cover only post codes - If you want them to cover specific post codes. Enter the first half of the post code with a comma to separate them. Please do not enter any spaces between the postcodes. 

Secondary Non-Emergency Post code coverage - as per above but this will be the resources secondary post code coverage i.e. if someone else is not available to cover they would be able to cover this area.  

Emergency Post Code Coverage should contain the extra postcodes the resource needs to cover in case of a emergency job. If you raise a job with a emergency priority all resources who cover the postcode will be available whether it is specified in their non-emergency or emergency coverage.

5. Follow steps above for further information.

6. Once you have finished editing click Update.

For the emergency postcodes to be selected, the job must be raised with an Emergency Priority, for more information please see Emergency Priority Section.


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