Work Type: Surveys & Attributes


If you assign a survey to a work type it will automatically be added when a job has been created. You can configure when the survey will be available on the job and when it should be completed.

There are two steps to allocating a survey, the work type survey tab and the attribute tab.

User Type Right - Work Types [WEL], WorkType - Surveys Tab [WTST] and WorkType - Attributes Tab [WTATT]

Work Type Survey

  1. Go to the admin menu, click Work Type.
  2. Select the Work Type name for the work type that requires a survey to be assigned.
  3. Click on the survey tab.
  4. Click Add Survey button in the top right hand corner.
  5. Complete the form fields for the survey requirements. 

Survey - Displaying existing surveys on the system, if you need to create a new survey please review Creating a Survey.

Job Status - Will determine what stage of the workflow the survey will be available to open and complete the questions. Usually this is left blank so the survey can be used at any stage. An example would be if you have a post inspection survey you can set it to use the post-inspection job status so they survey only appears at that stage. 

Completion stage - You can set the survey to be Anytime or Before Work Starts. Before works start will require the mobile engineer to complete the survey before they can start work on the appointment. This is useful for Risk assessments or pre work checks. 


6. Use the tick boxes to apply the required setting

Available on Mobile - Determines if the survey will appear on the mobile device. 

Show Current Survey Values - This will display the information added to a previous survey on the job.

Per Appointment - If you select per appointment it will add the survey to the job for each appointment created.

Complete Once Answers Submitted - When the engineer answers all questions and saves the results it will complete the survey so the engineer doesn't have to mark it as completed manually. 

Viewable on the Mobile Once Completed - This will control if the mobile user can review the results once the survey has been completed. This will be useful if you have satisfaction surveys for your customers because you can stop you engineers reviewing the results once the customer has provided their feedback.



Work Type, Site Type or Asset Attributes 

For the questions to appear on the survey you need to apply the attributes to the work type, site type or asset attributes.Without assigning the attributes to one of the types you will not be able to see any questions on the survey for the desktop or mobile application. 

Please review Assigning Attributes To Work/Site/Asset Types for more information. 

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