Supported Platforms

Oneserve is a cloud software application and so all you need to use it is a computer, tablet or mobile device running a web browser. Oneserve comes in two forms: the main web application which has all the features and functionality and a mobile in-browser application which has features designed mainly for field engineers using a tablet or mobile devices.

It is recommended for tablet and mobile devices that a minimum dual core processor is used to help with the overall responsiveness of the system and that a device-level password or mechanism is used to access the device and that a mobile device management solution is used to secure the device and data. 

Supported Web Browsers (PC/Laptop)

The Oneserve main application supports the following browsers:

We support the latest and previous major release of these browsers.  Each time a new version is released, we begin supporting that version and stop supporting the second most recent version. For maximum security and performance, we recommend upgrading your browser frequently.

Browser settings

All browsers must have cookies and JavaScript enabled to use Oneserve.

Supported Web Browsers (Mobile)

Oneserve's Mobile App runs on the following mobile web browsers, running on a Tablet or Smartphone:

  • Chrome 40 or above (available on Android 4 or above)
  • Safari (iPhone/iPad)

Supported Mobile Device Types/Models

Oneserve support the following mobile device types, version specifications:

Platform Operating System Recommended Specifications
Android Android OS 4 or newer Dual core 1.6Ghz - 2GB Ram - 8GB internal storage, or higher specification
IOS IOS 7 or newer iPhone 5 and iPad 4 or newer

Operating System Upgrades

From time to time operating system upgrades will be available for your mobile devices. We recommend you take these upgrade periodically as it will help you take advantage of new features, updates to applications as well as better performance. 
Sometimes there are issues and bugs with operating system upgrades so we recommend you take the following approach when upgrading your devices. 
1) Don't upgrade any devices for at least two weeks after a major operating system release - this will allow time for any issues to be identified and addressed. 
2) Upgrade a single handset first and make sure you're happy with the performance and functionality of running Oneserve on this handset. 
3) Once you're happy with then upgrade your devices in a phased approach - that way if the upgrade causes any issues with the way you work the impact limited to a small number of users until the issue can be fixed. 
If you have any further questions or require help with upgrading the software on your mobile devices then please contact Oneserve support. 

Running multiple instances of Oneserve

We don't recommend that users run multiple instances of the Oneserve application in the same browser as this may result in conflicts and errors. If you need to have concurrent instances of Oneserve open at we recommend these are open in different browsers (for example Chrome and IE or Firefox). 
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