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Although the Oneserve Mobile App will work on any modern consumer Android Tablet, Android Phone, iPad or iPhone, screen sizes and behaviour do differ slightly across devices. It should be noted also that some Oneserve functionality that uses the latest HTML5 mechanisms may function differently on different devices.
When updating your mobile devices we advise that you try to get the most modern phone your budget will allow. The mobile device marketplace is very fast moving and, as an innovative company, Oneserve look to take advantage of new technologies as much as possible. We therefore recommend purchasing the latest devices so that you'll be able to take advantage of future Oneserve developments.  We will always aim to make our software backwards compatible but with the market moving so quickly and business upgrading frequently this may not always be possible.
So we recommend devices with the latest mobile operating system and a good amount of memory. Screen size may also be important for your staff and it is always a good idea to trial a device with your workforce before committing to purchase.
As a guide RAM should be at least 1GB and the processor should be at Dual-Core 1GHz.
For some companies, rugged devices may be more appropriate for your working environments. There are an increasing number of rugged Android devices available in both Mobile and Tablet form.
We do not publish a specific list of devices that we support as there are so many and they change so rapidly but we are happy to advise on specific devices if you contact us
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