Search Overview

Oneserve provides a powerful search facility which allows you to search for Jobs or Assets using a range of search criteria including custom fields.

  • You can search the system for a specific job or site or save the search to use on a regular bases. 
  • You can save your searches in user Views and retrieve the results any time. The views can be shared with specified user types.
  • You can put your views into user-defined groups.
  • The search can be performed in two modes: Basic and Advanced.
  • In Basic mode you use the User Interface to select the fields you want to search on and build up your query like this.
  • Advanced mode lets you define more complex queries using Oneserve Query Language (OQL).
  • In addition you can define special columns which perform calculations like sums and date differences.


Below are the user guides for the different functions available within the search pages. 

Quick Search
A small search box which appearing in the header bar throughout the system.

Creating a Search view

Details on how to create a new search view and how to filter the data and order the results.

Saving/Deleting a View
How to save a search so you can reuse the view and how to remove views that are no longer required. 

Sharing Search Views
Details on how to share a view with another user type. When the other users log in the views will appear under the shared folder.

Managing Groups and Sharing.

Searches are saved into groups to help organise the views. You can modify these groups and share the whole group with another user type. 

Job Search Examples
Review example job searches which you can create on your system.

Asset Search Examples
Review example asset searches which you can create on your system.

Advanced Searching
This documents outlines the extra advance features you can use when you create a new search view. 

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