Conflicting Appointments


If appointments over runs and a resource takes longer than expected to complete an appointment, the appointments that are due next will be effected.  On the scheduler the next appointment start times are not amend but will show a red line over the appointments if they can still all be viewed to show that there are conflicts.

If the first appointment completely covers the time of the next appointment a red dot will appear to denote that there is an appointment behind and a small section of this appointment will be displayed to enable you to select it to amend if necessary.  Please see the Scheduling section for more information.

There may also be conflicting appointments when an administrator puts downtime against a resource e.g sickness.  If there are appointments at this time then these will display as conflicting appointments over the downtime. For more information please see the working and non working time section. Your administrator should deal with these at the time of entering the downtime, but these are managed in the Conflicting Appointments screen.  This can be accessed from the Job menu.

User Type Right [ Conflicting Appointment COA, Create Conflicting Appointment RSC, Resolve Conflicting Appointments RSR]

  1. Enter the search criteria for the appointments you are looking for and select Go. 
  2. This will display the appointments at the bottom of the screen and will colour code depending on the actions that can be taken. 
  3. If the appointment is coloured white then selecting the Auto-reschedule button will automatically reschedule the white appointments. 
  4. All other colours will require you to select the appointment and manually reschedule.


Conflicting Appointments on Scheduler

1. If you have appointments that overlap in time it will add a red border to the job.

2. A red dot will also appear on the job to show overlapping appointments

3. If you click on the red dot you can view the details for the job that are underneath the top job. 


Adding Non Working time to resource

If you set a resource to have non working time you can create conflicts if the resource has allocated jobs. If this happens it displays at the top of the screen. 

1. Select resolve conflicts to review the affect appointments.

2. The conflicting appointments will show the affected appointments. If the appointments are pooled appointments and for a few days in the future you can auto reschedule. Fixed appointments will need to be manually rescheduled.

3. Select the job id name, this will open the scheduling screen.

4. Move the appointments into the holding area. You can drag the appointments to another resource who is suitable to complete the job.



Rescheduling Key 

Appointment is due today and cannot be automatically rescheduled 
This will be due to the target date for the job matching the current date. Users can change a priority against a job to update the target date or manually alter the target date field, this can be achieved by going to the job details page (Create a version if you are using versioning) and select the Modify button. 

 Appointment is within reschedule limit and cannot be automatically rescheduled 
A setting behind the scenes called 'RS Auto Reschedule Delay Days' controls the reschedule limit. The setting will indicate how many days into the future the appointment needs to be scheduled for before it can be set to auto schedule. By default this value is usually 5 days, Please raise a support request if you would like to adjust this setting.

Appointment has been booked manually and cannot be automatically rescheduled 
The appointment type is Fixed instead of Pooled. Only Pooled appointments can be selected for automatic rescheduling. You can change the appointment type by opening the fixed scheudling page, double click on your appointment to view the details window, use the button against the type field to move your appointment from one type to another. 


 Appointment was due before today and cannot be automatically rescheduled. 
If the appointment was scheduled for a date and time in the past it will not be available for automatic rescheduling. This is due to the commitments you could have previously made to the client/contact. 

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