Letter Search

  1. The Jobs Letter Search allows the user to select a set of Jobs that have associated Batch Letters waiting to be processed. To access the letter search, go to the job menu and select letter search.
  2. The user can search using the following criteria:
    1. Job Ref: uniquely identify Job Letters using the Job ID.
    2. Call Log Ref: uniquely identify Job Letters using the Call Log Ref.
    3. Date Queued From and Date Queued To: Jobs within a specified range to and from dates - Click on the Calendar to select the date value to use.
    4. Site reference: add the site ref.
    5. Site name: add the site name.
  3. The user then clicks on the Go button to retrieve the associated Job Letters.
  4. If more than one page of results is returned the results may be paged through by clicking on the page numbers.
  5. To print the Job Letters displayed, click on Print.
  6. A window will pop up and ask you to save or open the associated Microsoft Word Document containing the Letter results. The user can then select to print multiple copies using Microsoft Word print functionality.
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