Notifications Search



The notifications search feature allows you to select jobs that have associated batch letters waiting to be processed. These can then be printed off or released in bulk from this screen.

User Type Rights

Code Name Description Right Type
MEXP Communication This right will control the visibility of the communication dropdown item from the menu header Page Access
LES Letter Search Access to the letter search page Page Access


Printing Notifications

  • Click on the "Communication" menu and select "Notification Search" to access the search page


  • Use the filters to find the job(s) you wish to print notifications for:
    • Job Ref: The Oneserve ref of the job
    • Call Log Ref: The work log ref of the job
    • Date Queued From: The date from which the letter was queued
    • Date Queued To: The date to which the letter was queued
    • Site Ref: The reference of the site against the job
    • Site Name: The name of the site against the job


  • Click "Go" to enter the search criteria
  • A list of jobs meeting the criteria will then show up. Click on the [print] link in the top right to generate the documents. These will be downloaded to your computer as .doc documents to be printed off
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