Work Tab



The work tab against a site details all the jobs that have already been created for that site.

The work tab has the following options

  • Filter by job ref or description
  • Ability to select work type, service, team or job status
  • A toggle for view only pending or in progress so users can find the outstanding work for the site
  • The option to order the results by clicking on the column headers

User Type Right - Display Site - Work Tab [SWO]


  • Select a site, this could be from the site search page or the address link on the job details page
  • Select the Work tab

By default the page will show all jobs, if you are interested in viewing outstanding work click on the 'View only pending or in progress' button. To return to all jobs in the view click on 'View all Jobs'. This will be useful for users to check outstanding jobs before creating a new job for the same work.

The filters at the top of the page and the option for order by on the columns will help you find the job information you require.


When you click on the job line it will open the job details page.

Additional Information

  • The Start and End dates display the job planned dates, the values will be replaced once the jobs start and end date has been populated
  • The ability to see the Total Cost relies on the User Type Right 'View Internal Cost' [VINTC]
  • The ability to see the Total Sales relies on the User Type Right 'View Job Cost' [VJC]
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