Dashboard Tab



The Dashboard tab is used to display specific warnings against a site, including any pertinent dates, warnings about the property's conditions, or other information that could be useful to see at-a-glance.

Note: The views on the dashboard tabs are generated by support staff. If you require additional information to be displayed, please raise a support ticket

Tab Overview

If you have added considerations to your site during the creation process, you will see them listed on the Dashboard tab. This can be useful for agents trying to quickly gather information about a site and its status. Site considerations can also be seen in the mobile application


Adding Site Considerations

It is possible to add new information to a site after it has been created. To do this:

  • Search for the site you wish to modify and click on it to bring up its details page
  • Click on the Actions drop-down in the top-right of the screen and select Modify Site to bring up the edit screen


  • Write your new considerations into the "Site Considerations box" and click Save when finished to save your changes
  • Your new considerations will then be displayed in the dashboard tab