Calendar View


You can view appointments using a view only option called Scheduler Calendar. You can view appointments for the whole team or individual resources and chose a month, week or day view.

User Type Right: Scheduler Calendar [CALRS]


1. Select the Calendar View option under the Jobs/Scheduler menu header

2. Team - you can change team for the calendar using the dropdown menu.  


3. Resources - by default the resources will not be selected the selected, you can tick those resources you would like to view.

4. Holidays - you can choose to see if resources have time off booked, by selecting the tick boxes next to the options listed. This is managed in the resources section of Oneserve, please see Working & Non-Working Times section.

Changing the Calendar View

  1. Month - move backwards and forwards between months.
  2. Today - if you move away from the current day you can click this button to go back to today.
  3. Month/Week/Day - switch the view between month, week or day.

Viewing Job Details

  1. Click on the appointment to display the job details on the left hand side.
  2. To come out of this view click the X 

Resource Colour

Resources will receive a default colour to display the appointments and working/non working time assigned to that resource. You do have the option to change the colours for individual resources by selecting the dropdown arrow on every resource line. If you select a could here it will keep it assigned to that resource account. 

Calendar colours can also be assigned on the Resource admin page under the Team section.