Creating a Calendar

Calendars are linked to Teams and Resources to determine their working time. Calendars also feed into the Jobs and Scheduling sections because the system uses this information to check availability.

Rates can be applied to determine the hourly rate per resource for different times of the day. Please review Resource Rates for more information.

On occasions where working days need to be reduced or extended, for example, overtime, training, sickness or meetings - they can be altered using the Working/Non Working tab in the Teams and Resources section. 

User Type Right - Calendars [CAL], Access to the calendar page on the admin page. 

Creating a new calendar

  1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu.
  2. Select Calendars under the Teams section.
  3. If you have already created a Calendar it will be displayed in the list view. 
  4. Use the + icon at the top of the screen to create a new Calendar.
  5. Add a Name, Start & End Times and Standard Work Days. Click Save. The Start and End Time is the time shown on the Scheduler as working time. 

6. Once you have created the Calendar click on the modify link and enter the Rates for each day. It important to set the correct timings against your different Rates because you can set a hourly rate against Teams and Resources. The cost will be assigned to your job so you can keep track of labour costs. Rate Types User Guide

Default Rate Type should be used to show the core working hours. 

Oneserve recommends to have the rate times covering 00.00 to 23.59 (Screenshot below). If you only record working hours in the rate section you will stop jobs receiving labour costs and times if they fall outside of the rate time. (Eg booking emergency or out of hour jobs) 

7. Once you have applied all Rates, save the changes.

8. If you wish to add this Calendar to a Resource please see the Adding a New Resource section. 

9. To remove a Calendar select the delete icon. If the Calendar has been used by a Team, Resource or Client you will not be able to delete it. You will need to remove it from the used accounts first.



More Information

For more information about using calendars please click here 

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