Creating a Calendar



Calendars are linked to Teams and Resources to determine their working time. Calendars also feed into the Jobs and Scheduling sections because the system uses this information to check availability.

Rates can be applied to determine the hourly rate per resource for different times of the day. Please review Resource Rates for more information.

On occasions where working days need to be reduced or extended, for example, overtime, training, sickness or meetings - they can be altered using the Working/Non Working tab in the Teams and Resources section.

User Type Rights

Code Name Description Right Type
MSAD Admin Access to the Admin menu using the cog icon in the menu header Page Access
ADMIN_TEAMS Teams Access to the Teams admin sub section on the Admin page Page Access
CAL Calendars Access to the Calendar admin page with the option to add/edit/delete Calendars Page Access


Creating a New Calendar

  • Select the cog icon to open the admin menu
  • Select "Calendars" under the "Teams" section
  • If you have already created a calendar, it will be shown in this screen
  • Click on the + icon in the top left to create a new calendar


  • Fill out the following details:
    • Name: The name of the calendar. This is what will be shown in selection menus
    • Standard Work Day Start Time: The time at which work should start on a normal day
    • Standard Work Day End Time: The time at which work should end on a normal day
    • Standard Work Days: The days of the week on which these times will apply


  • Click Save to commit your changes
  • When the changes have been saved, click on the Modify button to add in the calendar rates. Setting different rate types at different times allows you to take advantage of rate types stored against resources and teams to get accurate labour costs

Note: Oneserve recommends having rates applied to all times between 00:00 and 23:59 in order to ensure that no out of hours work falls outside of the assigned rates

  • Once you have applied all necessary rates, click Save to commit your changes


Removing a Calendar

  • Select the cog icon to open the admin menu
  • Select "Calendars" under the "Teams" section
  • Find the calendar you wish to remove and click the Delete button to remove it

Note: If the calendar is still in user by a team or resource, you will not be able to delete it until it has been removed from them


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