Ad Hoc Letters


The Ad-Hoc Letters page allows the user to select a pre-set query that will return a group of letters that fulfils the query parameters. If you want a new query to be added you must contact the support team (

If more than one page of results is returned the results may be paged through by clicking on the page numbers. 

1. Select the Ad-hoc Letters menu option
2. Select the query you would like to run

3. Any jobs that match the pre defined query will be listed in the table

4. For the jobs selected you will need to select the letter that needs to be generated

5. A confirmation box will appear to show how many jobs will have the chosen letter generated. 

6. Use the 'Click Here' message to open the letter queue for the letters you have just created.

7. Your batch will be displayed for all the jobs that you selected in the Ad-hoc Letter page.

8. Use the print button to print the letter for all of the jobs within the batch. 

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