Oneserve 9.4 - 04 August 2014

Release Notes

You can view the main features for Version 9.4 here

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development ID
System Area Description
OSD -1204 Appointment Add a cancellation reason when cancelling an appointment
OSD -2366 Document Configuration New Document Template List Page
OSD -2132 Mobile Application Restrict Selection of Activity based on Work Log Type for the Mobile Application
OSD -2267 Mobile Application Mobile Surveys Once completed the survey can be locked
OSD -2285 Mobile Application Mobile: Prevent work on items for certain work time types
OSD -2445 Mobile Application Option to allow photos to be mandatory on mobile for all work completion
OSD -2552 Mobile Application Improvements to allow updates from mobile sync with the desktop version
OSD -2555 Mobile Application Able to add activity to the mobile without having to refresh for the codes to be visible
OSD -2652 Mobile Application Adding activities via mobile to sync code and description with the desktop
OSD -2430 New Dashboard Alphabetical sort order of series on new dashboard
OSD -2372 New Search Add job description to the new Search to be used as a column
OSD -2394 New Search New Job Search page design changes
OSD -2420 New Search Modify Search Function to include jobsWithEvent()
OSD -2451 New Search New Search job filters added to the search screen
OSD -2494 New Search Improve View Counts on the search screen
OSD -2535 New Search Filter out Cancelled Job Versions from being returned
OSD -2560 New Search Allow search page to filter values within dropdowns
OSD -2567 New Search Duplicated views available on Manage Group page
OSD -2636 New Search Being able to share a view independently of a group.
OSD -2637 New Search Adding shared views to multiple groups
OSD -2638 New Search Add tabs for ‘Job’ and ‘Asset’ on the search page
OSD -2639 New Search Hide/view search filters on the search page
OSD -2373 Scheduling Overlapping Time Slot Improvements for scheduling appointments
OSD -671 Self Service Site Import through the front end application
OSD -1575 Self Service Library Activity Import
OSD -2138 Self Service Modifications to Team Configuration Page
OSD -2332 Self Service Document Document Upload: Allow only certain file types
OSD -2150 Self Service Document Creating Document Configuration
OSD -2495 Stock management PO Enhancements to allow requested parts on a job to be removed
OSD -2495 Stock management PO Enhancements to Draft and Submitted PO's to be cancelled
OSD -2426 System Functionality Change help icon on Oneserve to navigate to the Zendesk help guide portal
OSD -2061 System Functionality Forgot Password Functionality on login page
OSD -2663 User Right/ New Search Right Access to control/display financial information on the new search page
OSD -2290 Work Type Configuration New Client tab on work type page to allocate particular clients for the work type
OSD -2435 Work Type Configuration Ability to create new Work Type




Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD -2491 Activity Updating and Editing activity configuration will only update work log types that have already been set up
OSD -2207 Appointment Remove late appointment reasons being added to following appointments for the job
OSD-1751 Appointments Remove the ability to complete appointments with a future time
OSD -2412 Assets Fix to allow store procedure to return assets that have no attributes assigned
OSD -2380 Bulk Job Update Bulk Job update new option to filter on survey
OSD -2483 Bulk Job Update Improve the rights surround the bulk job update screen
OSD -2581 Job Reinstate job button not appearing on older versions of a job. Will only display on the last job version.
OSD -2431 Letters Fix to stop exception when trying to print Letter Batches
OSD -2222 Mobile Application Remove the automatic image cropping for large resolution pictures on a iPhone and iPad
OSD -2355 Mobile Application Mobile Signature Box Issues on certain devices
OSD -2358 Mobile Application Mobile App - Date field not retaining value
OSD -2395 Mobile Application Mobile improvement to make it easier to select the correct survey on a touch screen device
OSD -2414 Mobile Application Allow mobile application to update desktop when assets are removed via the mobile
OSD -2492 Mobile Application Improvement for the activity search on the mobile application
OSD -2597 Mobile Application Completing Appointment on the desktop Oneserve will now update the mobile to move the job to complete
OSD -2300 Mobile Application Change to the mobile application to allow multiple spaces between the resource name.
OSD -2199 New Search New Search: Fix issue with having to save before changing columns after changing filters
OSD -2362 New Search Option to delete existing views
OSD -2410 New Search Correct display of jobs with specified worklog
OSD -2465 New Search Changed the Cause field to be populated with Incident Cause not Job Cause
OSD -2568 New Search CSV Export on new search page to include all data returned on the search
OSD -2748 New Search Attribute values added top the new search page
OSD -2423 New Search Saving new searches to include selected columns
OSD -2598 Notification fixed the problem created when trying to delete Notification Group
OSD -2238 Report Show the resource name on the Timesheet Report Simple
OSD -2650 Report Work in progress report showing the correct sales values
OSD -2107 Resource Calendar Alter holiday/working time so it doesn't span overnight
OSD -2353 Scheduler Change to allow correct duration for multiple day appointments to show on scheduler
OSD -2397 Scheduler Stop appointments from being stuck in rescheduling if the user navigates away from the scheduling screen without committing changes.
OSD -2557 Scheduler Transition between Fixed and Pooled appointment screens to work the same on different web browsers
OSD -2446 Scheduler Calendar Remove the message box warning of no resources disappear when the scheduler calendar has been loaded.
OSD -2296 Stock Management/Parts Ability to remove parts that have been added to a job
OSD -2307 Stock Management/Orders Allow the modified date on Purchase Orders to be updated after all changes
OSD -2583 Stock Management Ability to update requested part details on a job
OSD -2329 Survey Ability to save and view changes to the site type attribute for surveys
OSD -2341 Survey Ability to complete surveys even if the site survey asset has been marked as deleted
OSD -2398 System Fix to stop users from having regular system time out
OSD -2202 User Displaying all details on user configuration screen
OSD -2378 Users Resolved issue regarding saving changes for creating/editing users or client on user page
OSD -2432 Users Visibility to see clients assigned to users and option to modify
OSD -2594 Users When creating a new user and uncheck the 'Reset password on next login' it still asks the user to change their password the first time they login
OSD -2371 Work Programmes Work Programmes picking up the correct post code details
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