Requesting a Part


You can add requested parts to a job ready to be ordered if you do not have the quantity in store.

1. Open up the part tab on a job and select the request part icon. This is the middle icon for the three buttons shown below.

2. Enter the relevant part code, Requested Quantity and cost. The notes field is optional.

The value of 'Requested Quantity' must be between 0.01 and 999999.99.

One you request the part the job cost value will be added to the cost tab. 

3. The part will be displayed with the status of requested. If you need to update any details you can click on the part and it will open the edit screen.

4. If the part needs to be removed you can select the tick box next to the part code and select the bin icon.


Once all the requested parts have been added to a job you can create a PO to order the parts required.

5. Select the stock menu and click on Purchase Order.

6. Using the + at the top of the page you can create a new order. 

7. Enter the relevant vendor, dates, store and job reference. 

8. To add parts to a purchase order select the + icon on the PO from the screenshot above.

9. When the option appears to add in order lines you can select show only parts requested on job. This will make it easier to add in your requested parts. 

10. Once your parts are visible you can select the tick box and click on add selected.

11. Once all parts have been added to the purchase order you can submit the order or cancel it if there is a issue. 


Once you submit a Purchase order you will not be able to make any changes to the order details but you cancel the Purchase Order and raise a new one.  

Purchase Orders can only be canceled at Draft or Submitted, once it has been received the cancel option will no longer be available.