Sharing Search Views



You can share your views with any user types. Once the view has been shared users will be able to view the search but unable to make any changes to the settings. Users can make changes if they save it to their view section first. This means shared views are not altered or removed without the owner's permission.

Sharing Groups

1. Select the Manage Groups and view button

2. If you hover over the shared icon you can see the user types that already has access to the group

3. To modify the shared setting click on the shared icon. Tick the boxes for the user types who should have access to the search group. 


Sharing individual views

1. Click on the sharing icon on the viewScreen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_15.33.58.png

2. Select the user types you would like the view to be shared with 

3. Log in with a user with a user type select in step 2 and open the search page

4. Click on the cog next to Job Croups and Views 


5. Select a group or use the create New Group option 


6. Use the search box in the Available Views panel and search for the view that has been shared. Drag it into the 'Views in this group' column.