Stock Check


This functionality offers the ability to create a stock check to allow your users to compare your stock levels with the quantities on Oneserve. You can specify the data you would like to be included by using the filters on the stock page before creating the stock check.

After the stock check has been completed you can transfer stock, request recounts or update current stock levels. 

Stock checks will use the current stock levels at the time of creation therefore you should create the stock check just before you are ready to perform the count. If you allow stock items to be used against jobs or increased through goods receipts in between creating the stock check on Oneserve and performing the count the values in the 'In Stock' column can be incorrect. 

[User Rights Required - Stock Check] 

1. To create the stock check record open the Stock page.

2. Using the multiple filters you can display the store/parts you require for the count.

3. Once you have the parts displaying for the stock check select the 'Create Stock Check' button.

4. You can enter notes relevant for you stock check before it has been created.

5. After selecting ok you will be directed to the Store Check screen. 

6. Find the lastest stock check record that you have just created, the status will be waiting to start.

7. Select the stock check and you will be able to review the check summary page. This screen can be printed and handed to a employee to count the relevant parts. 

8. Enter the stock count in the fields to represent the quantity you have in stock.

9. Once all values have been entered click on submit count. 

10. The stock check can be reviewed and amended at this stage. Once it has been marked as Complete you will not be able to alter any stock values.




[User Right Required - Show Stock Check Variance]

The variance for the stock count will show when you open the stock check details page.

The variance will show the difference between the quantity in stock and the counted quantity. 


Using the Actions button you have the option to request a recount, accept and update stock or transfer parts to another store.

Accept and Update Stock. This option will be available when you have a positive variance, this will allow you to update the stock levels to include the additional quantities recorded. 

Transfer Stock. You can transfer stock when you have a negative variance, this will be helpful if you have damaged stock or need to write off a value. The negative stock number can be transferred to another store such as a Waste/Damaged store. 

The stock values will not update in the 'In Stock' column after users perform the 'Accept and update stork' and 'transfer stock' actions. The stock check is using a copy of the in stock values at the time of creation but the stock adjustments will still occur within the stores. If you navigate to the Store page and select the parts option you will be able to see the changes to the stock quantities.





After selecting the actions the button will be replaces with In or Out labels to indicate what actions have been performed. 

  • Out - Transferred the variance to a different store (Eg damage/lost)
  • In - Accepted the variance and updated the stock with the additional quantity  


When the stock check has been reviewed and all required actions have been selected you can complete the stock check. Once the stock check has been completed you will be unable to make any further changes.


Summary Page

You can review the changes to the stock check by using the summary tab.


The Summary Report will show the details of the actions taken on the stock count. It will identify what stock has been move into a store or transferred out to a different store.