Usage Types



A Usage Type determines which Work Types can be raised for a specific site. The Usage Type is set every time a site is created.

Usage types can be set up against Work Types in order to more specifically apply certain work types to certain sites. By limiting which work types your usage type is set up against, you can be certain that any work raised for that site will be under the correct work type when creating a job.


Creating a New Usage Type

  • Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
  • Select Usage Types from the Other menu
  • If you have already created a Usage Type it will be displayed in the list view


  • Click the + icon in the top left corner to bring up the creation wizard


  • Enter a name and a code for your new usage type
  • Click Create to commit your changes

Adding Usage Types to Sites

Existing Sites

  • Search for the site you wish to modify
  • Click on the site to enter the Site Details screen
  • Click on the Actions button and select Modify Site
  • Choose the new Usage type from the Usage Type drop-down menu


  • Click Save to commit your changes

New Site from Job Creation Screen

  • On the job creation screen, click + Add New Site to bring up the site creation tool


  • On the new location form, select your new usage type from the Usage Type drop-down menu


New Site from the Site Creation Screen

  • Click on the "Create Site" option from the Create menu


  • On the site creation form, select your usage type from the Usage Type drop-down menu


Assigning Usage Types to Work Types

  • Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
  • Select Work Types from the Jobs menu
  • Select the Work Type you need to modify
  • Click the edit menu and select a new Usage Type in the Usage Types section


  • Click save on the top left for the changes to take effect