Using Regions


Regions can be assigned to sites when you create a new site or edit an existing site. 

You can use Regions to create search views to display all jobs in a similar geographical area. You can also use the Region view on the scheduler to change the job colour to match the colour set up for the region.


New Site

1. Select Create menu.
2. Click on Site.
3. You can assign a Region to the new site by selecting it from the drop down box. 


Search View 

1. Select the search menu.
2. On a new view select the Region filter box.
3. Add the regions you want to query from the drop down menu.


More information about how to create search views can be found here


Highlighting Regions on the Scheduler 

1. Go to the Schedule menu and select Scheduler.

2. Select the third highlight mode on the Scheduler.

3. The jobs on the Scheduler will change to the region colour for the site that is used on the job.


4. Use the key to view which colour belongs to which region, the key displays the region colour and region code that it is associated with. 

Details on how to change region colours and codes can be found here.



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