Using Regions



Regions can be assigned to sites when you create a new site or edit an existing site.

You can use Regions to create search views to display all jobs in a similar geographical area. You can also use the Region view on the scheduler to change the job colour to match the colour set up for the region.


New Site

  • Click on the Create menu and select "Create Site"
  • Fill out the details of your site and select the region from the drop-down menu


Search View

Note: More information on how to construct search views can be found here

  • In the job search screen, click on "More Filters" and select "Region"
  • Add the region you want to limit your results to from the drop-down menu


Highlighting Regions on the Scheduler

  • Open up the Scheduler from the Jobs menu
  • Click on the three button menu and select "Highlight By Region" to highlight jobs by the region's colour


  • You can use the Scheduler key in the top right of the screen to show the colours of different regions


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