Using Causes


Causes are used on individual jobs to identify the issue or reason for the job. Causes are linked to work types which will determine what causes are available on a job. 

Assign Cause to Work Type

1. Select the Work Type page from the admin menu
2. Select the work type you would like to use
3. Click on the edit button
4. Find the cause section on the main details page, tick the box next to the causes that need to be associated to the work type.

5. Click the save button to apply the changes. 

6. When you create a job that uses the work type it will assign the cause


Search View

1. Select the search page link
2. On a new search you can select the filter box
3. Select Cause 
4. You can add the causes you would like to search for. 


More information about how to create search views can be found here


Create Job 

1. On the create job screen you can set the cause

2. If you would like this setting turned on please email our support team ( 


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