Site Groups



Site Groups are a method of grouping sites together. They are used for reporting and searching purposes. Users may also be allocated to a Site Group to restrict their view to the sites within that group.

When a Group is created it must be assigned to a specific client. The Group is then assigned to the relevant sites.


Add New Site Group

  • Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu.
  • Select Site Groups from the Sites menu section.
  • If you have already created a Site Group it will be displayed in the list view.
  • To add a new Site Group, use the plus icon at the top of the page


  • Enter the description and assign a client to the group
  • The Approval Required is usually set to Off unless you are creating work logs instead of jobs. With this option active it will require approval before the work log can be used.

Edit Site Group

  • Click on the site group line to open the edit panel
  • You can modify the Name, Client or Approval required setting


Delete a Site Group

  • To delete the Site Group, select the group and use the bin icon at the top of the page