Additional Appointment Required


If an appointment cannot be completed the mobile engineer can select additional appointment required. The appointment will be moved to complete but the job will remain in progress and will require a new appointment to be scheduled. 

Search views can be created on the desktop application to display jobs that have had an additional appointment required event applied. Details regarding the search views can be found under the search overview page.

1. On the mobile you need to be in working mode, users can use the stop travelling button which will automatically start the working time or use the start working button. 

2. A new button will appear for additional appointment. 

3. Enter any notes into the text box and then select the relevant reason for requiring an additional appointment.


If you need to modify the list of options please contact

The notes added on the mobile will show on the job history on the desktop application. If you select the Additional appointment required event you will be able to view the note. 

4. After selecting a reason you need to click 'OK' for the change to be applied for the job. 

5. Users can add a photo to the job using the camera option. This can be useful to show what further work is required or if it is a carded appointment a picture can be used to prove an engineer had turned up at the site.