Purchase Order, Good Receipt & Invoice Link


You can form a link between a Purchase Order(PO) and a Good Receipt(GR). 

To link a PO to a GR you need to create a GR and add a new GR line, you can review the GR process

1. Select Search by PO
2. Enter the PO number in the drop down.


3. Add a delivery Store, Once the GR has been marked as completed the stock will be transferred to the store you have selected.
4. You can enter the quantity received or select the receive all button.


5. Once the GR line has been allocated you will be able to select the line and view the attached PO. If you select the description eg 'Ad-Hoc part 01'

6. When the attached PO appears you can use the hyperlink to review the PO

7. When the PO opens you can navigate back to the GR using the same method. Select the PO description name and use the GR hyperlink.

Once your GR has been completed and attached to an invoice the invoice link will automatically be assigned.

8. If you select the GR description again you will now see a link to the Invoice as well as the PO.