Oneserve 9.5 - 19 August 2014

Release Notes

You can view the main features for Version 9.5 here

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version


Devlopment ID

System Area

OSD -2737 Day Divisions Display Day Division on Mobile and on Scheduler Popup. On the mobile you can see your day division in brackets next to the planned appointment time. 
OSD -2739 Mobile Display Job Status on Mobile. For mobile appointment it will show the current Job Status in the description field. 
OSD -2642 Quick Job Create Ability to remove the users with the application provider user type from the owner drop down on QJC. This is controlled using the AOQJC right
OSD -2769 Search Page Contact_id added to the sola schema for the quick job create screen. A technical modification to include more information in our new search functionality. 
OSD -2685 Stock Management Change to column names  rename the "Sales Cost" to "Sales Value" on stock pages
OSD -2674 Stock Management Ability to set stores to be 'Active' / 'Inactive' within the stock management section.
OSD -2672 Stock Management Add 'Reason' to Stock Transfer page which will be used as part of each transfer
OSD -2673 Stock Management Add preferred vendor column to the parts table
OSD -2684 Stock Management Cancel reason for Purchase Order has been created. Once a PO has been cancelled the reason will appear on the PO below the status.
OSD -2681 Stock Management New stock check functionality. Allows uses to create a stock check for users to count existing stock and update Oneserve accordingly. 
OSD -2668 Stock Management A new stock page shows stock parts for each store with the current quantity. There are filters on the page to narrow down the results. 
OSD -2676 Stock Management Links between Goods Receipt and Purchase Order have been created. When you select the PO description for each part line you will be able to see the attached GR. 
OSD -2677 Stock Management Links between Invoices and Good Receipt. When you select the GR description for each part line you will be able to see the attached Invoice.




Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD -2408 Appointments The appointment events on the job history will show the resource name instead of resource ID
OSD -909 Appointments

When you complete an appointment using the desktop application and state an additional appointment, it will use the same event the mobile uses.

OSD -2783 Search Page Improve the accuracy of how the search page uses date values
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