Contacts Tab



The Contacts tab shows information about any contacts associated with the site. The preferred contact for a given site will be added to jobs by default and their contact details used for sending notifications.

Tab Overview


The contacts tab will show various details about any contacts currently available for the site in question. This information includes the name, contact type, primary contact number, and tenancy dates (if provided).

Adding Contacts to a Site

Existing Contacts

To add an existing contact to a site, select the "Add Contact to Site" option on the Contacts tab. This will bring up a contacts search screen from which you can select the contact you wish to add. Once you have found the contact in question, select "add" to connect the contact to the site.


Adding a New Contact

To create a new contact for a site, click the "Add new Contact" button to bring up the contact creation wizard. Fill in all the relevant details and click the "add" button in the top right to connect the contact to the site.


Removing Contacts From a Site

If a contact is no longer needed on a site, you can select the "Remove" option to remove their association to the site. This does not remove the contact from Oneserve.