Preferred Supplier/Team Tab

Against every site you can set a preferred supplier per service, this will affect what supplier will be assigned to a job once it has been created. 

When you create a job it will look at what supplier/teams are available for the service and the postcode for the job. The system will check the site first to see if there is a preferred supplier/team, if there is not a valid entry it will use any team set against the Work Type. If the work type doesn't hold a preferred supplier/team it will go alphabetical down the supplier/team list to find the first team available for the job being created. 

User Type Right - Display Site - Preferred Suppliers Tab [SPS]

Adding a Preferred Supplier

  1. To add a preferred supplier click the Preferred Supplier tab for a Site.
  2. Select the service and supplier combination to add to the site.              
  3. Repeat the process if required.

Modifying an Preferred Supplier

  1. Go to the preferred supplier tab as per step one above.
  2. Click on the preferred supplier you wish to modify.
  3. Services - tick or un-tick the services the preferred supplier will cover.
  4. Update Supplier - to save your changes.
  5. Delete Supplier - to delete the preferred supplier.                                  
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