Overview of Appointments


Appointment Details

When you open appointments on the mobile you will see the main details from the job. 

The job status represents the stage of the job on the desktop version, the appointment status appears in the black banner at the top.

After the planned date and time the day division will show in brackets after. Day divisions appear on the pooled view when you create a new appointment.

If you click on the description you can review the site considerations for the site. If the site has a parent site the consideration for that site will also show

Under the address header you can view all the contacts and their numbers for that site. The contact in blue text will always be the primary contact. 

The directions button can provide driving direction to the appointment address. Oneserve will use the postcode from the appointment and the map software on the mobile device so it will not run directly in your Oneserve session.

Travel and Working Time

The start travel button will be used when you start to travel to the job. Use the start working option when you are ready to do the work, this will automatically stop the travel time calculation. The pause icon will also stop the working time calculation. 

This data can be used within Oneserve reports to calculate how long your engineers spend travelling and working. 



The icon at the top on the left will show the activity for the appointment. 

You can complete all activities or enter 1 for individual activities that have been completed. 

If you click on one of the activities you can add activity notes.

The activities notes will appear on the jobs activity page, the text will be added onto the end of the description.

Depending on how you have requested your invoice document to be created it could show the activity description only or it can show activity description and the note. Please contact our support team at support@oneserve.co.uk if you have any concerns or need to modify the invoice template. 


Adding Additional Activities 

Shopping Basket

If you need to add multiple activities it might be quicker to use the shopping basket functionality. 

Additional activities can be added to a job using the mobile application, use the + icon at the top of the activity tab. The activities can be reviewed using the 'By Service', 'By Group' or use the search icon in the header to view all activities.

Once you have located the activity you need you can use the plus icon against each row to set the quantity required. 


Once you have set the quantities for all of the required activities click on the Finish button at the top of the page. 

This is an optional step - Select the Location and Category from the drop-down, these values will be assigned to all of the activities you are adding to the job. 


Click on 'Add Activities' when you are ready. 


Single Activities

If you need to add single activities you can find the activity in the list and click on the row. This will open the activity details screen.  


Enter the completed quantitiy if you have finished the activity or only enter the Total Quantitiy if the work will be for a follow on appointment. 


Use the add button when you are ready to add the activitiy to the job. 



Notes can be added to the appointment for any information that needs to be saved against the job for reference. 

If a note has been added it will appear under the jobs resource tab, the details will appear under the resolution notes column. 



If signatures have been activated you can enter the signature using the icon above. Signatures can be for the customer and the engineer.

A text field for Name can also be available next to the signature box. The operative field will be pre populated with the user forename and surname to speed up the entry process. 

If a signature has been added it will appear under the jobs resource tab, in the status column you can see the appointments status and a signature link. 

If you click on the signature link you will be able to view the signature. 



Once the signature has been added click save and return to the appointment.

The clipboard image represents the surveys. Depending on the type of job will determine how may surveys are active on the job.

Once you open a survey you will have drop down or text fields to enter the relevant information

The survey will appear on the job survey tab, once it has been completed on the mobile you will be able to review the answers provided and print the survey.



The parts tab is a separate right so if your mobile engineers are unable to view this icon you will have to add the mobile part right. This option will show any parts that have been assigned to the job.

If you use the plus icon you can add extra parts to the job.

The part details will appear on the job part details. This page will show requested and used parts.