Activity Groups

Activity groups can help you organise and group your activities(SORs). When you create a new job you can use the activity group to determine the available activities, this will make it easier to find the correct activity for the job.

User Type Right - Activity Group [ATGP]

1. Under the Admin menu use the Activity Group page to manage existing groups and to add new groups.

2. To add a new group select the plus icon.

3. You need to enter a group name, set the group to be active and you can control if the group is available on the mobile.

On the mobile engineers can add extra activities to an appointment, the activities can be searched by service or group so the ‘Available on mobile’ option will determine if the group and assigned activities are visible for the engineers to select.


4. To deactivate a group you can select the group by ticking the box on the left hand side and then use the bin icon. The other option is to click on the activity group name and on the edit screen you can set the Active field to be off.

You can reactivate a group at any stage. 

5. You can view all inactive groups by selecting the ‘Show Inactive Activity Group’ button.


6. If you need to reactivate the group you can select the group name and make the active field to be on.

7. The activities groups can be used when you create activities. The group drop down will show any active groups.



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