Missed Appointments


Any text in blue can be copied into the advanced box on the search page. 

Details on how to create searches can be found under Creating a Search View

Missed Appointments

You can keep track of any jobs that have missed their start date.

The function looks at jobs at particular job status, jobs that have an appointment booked and the current time has passed the expected appointment start date.

jobStatus in ('Work in Progress','Waiting to Start') and job in jobsWithAppointments('PENDING',"all") and pendingAppointmentStartDate <= now()



Missed Appointments from Yesterday

Using the start date for the pending appointment you can look at jobs that were meant to start yesterday. If you would like to include additional filters for client, team, work type etc then apply the filters before adding the text in blue below in the advanced window. 

The dtoff is using a date difference but both values are -1 so it will only pick up the previous day. You can increase the number in the brackets if you would like to review a longer period of time.

job in jobsWithAppointments (all,all) and Pendingappointmentstartdate<=dtoff(-1d) and Pendingappointmentstartdate>=dtoff(-1d)