Missed Appointments



Using advanced searches, you can easily create a search view which allows you to keep track of any jobs on which you have missed appointments.

Once you have created your view, you can save it following the instructions here.


Jobs With Missed Appointments

The following OQL query can return any jobs which have pending appointments on them whose planned start date has passed

jobStatus IN ('Work in Progress','Waiting to Start') AND job IN jobsWithAppointments('PENDING',"all") AND pendingAppointmentStartDate <= now()


Missed Appointments from Yesterday

The following OQL can return all jobs which had a pending appointment yesterday which was not started by its planned start date.

The dtoff function in this example uses a value of -1d (denoting one day in the past), but this can be changed to fit your needs

job IN jobsWithAppointments (all,all) AND Pendingappointmentstartdate<=dtoff(-1d) AND Pendingappointmentstartdate>=dtoff(-1d)


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