SMS Notifications


Oneserve is able to send SMS text messages to contacts to remind them of appointments that have been booked and to collect responses from contacts. 

The first step in configuring SMS Text messaging in Oneserve is setting up the SMS Provider. 

SMS Provider Configuration

Oneserve currently use a mobile text gateway from a company called Boomerang. Each contract will need to have an account registered with Boomerang, to get this setup please create a support ticket with the Oneserve Service desk, you will need to fill out the attached SMS Work Request form and attach this to the ticket.

SMS Notification

An SMS Notification needs to be configured against either the Work Type or Work Flow please see the Setting up SMS Notifications guide

Create a Job with an SMS Contact

SMS messages will only be sent to contact numbers on jobs that have a contact type of 'SMS Text'

For more information on how to create jobs:- Create Job screen

When creating a new job the user will be required to add a contact, if one hasn't already been created on the site. Ensure that the contact Type in the Contact Details section is set to 'SMS Text'.

If the email or SMS Text flags were set against more than one contact number then an SMS will be sent for each contact number configured against the contact. 

NOTE:- Please be aware that SMS messages can be sent to landline numbers if the type is set to 'SMS Text' 


Two way SMS Messaging

Two way SMS Messaging allows you to send messages to a contact and receive replies back to your Oneserve application.

An SMS message will be sent to the contact and within that message they will be prompted for a reply e.g

Dear Joe Smith, Your appointment is on 22-01-15 AM. Please reply to this text with 1 to confirm or 2 to reject. Regards Business Name

In this instance if the customer replied with 1 an event would be added to the job history saying ‘Appointment Confirmed’ if they replied 2 an event would be added ‘Appointment Rejected’

The two main uses for 2 way SMS is for appointment confirmations and customer satisfaction.

Appointment confirmation would be sent to the customer once and appointment has been booked on a job, and they could confirm or reject the date and time.

Customer satisfaction SMS messages are setup on the workflow so when a job hits a certain stage the SMS is sent to the customer asking how satisfied they were with the work carried out.

Messages responses are only ever numbers 0-9, these numbers are linked to specific events within in the notification admin screen. Once a reply is received into Oneserve the corresponding Event is added to the job history.

The events are fully customisable but need to be created by Oneserve, please send the request for new events to the Oneserve Service Desk. Once the events have been created they will need to be mapped in the notification, please see Notifications.

You can keep track of the responses at a glance by creating search views that look for certain events on the jobs.

Using Views with SMS

Any text in blue can be copied into the advanced box on the search page. The text in Red describes individual sections that can be found within the blue statements.

Details on how to create searches can be found under Creating a Search View 

Customer Not Satisfied

You can create a view which will show jobs that had the event of customer not satisfied. If you have text messaging set up for a customer satisfaction this will display the results of the question within the text. 

workLogType in ('1. Responsive')You can choose any of the work log types available on your system or you can remove this section of the query

If you need more then one work log type you can add a comma in between the names. workLogType in ('1. Responsive','2. Service')

This section can be customised depending on the name of your event. The event name can be found on the history tab of a job but if you are not sure of the code (This example it is BOM11 please contact our support team) 

and job in jobsWithEvents(BOM11,"Customer Not Satisfied",All)

workLogType in ('1. Responsive') and job in jobsWithEvents(BOM11,"Customer Not Satisfied",All)




Appointment Rejected by SMS

This view uses the same format as the query above but the event code and name has been altered. BOM13,"Engineer Appointment Declined"

workLogType in ('1. Responsive') and job in jobsWithEvents(BOM13,"Engineer Appointment Declined",All)


Reporting on SMS Messages Sent and Received via Boomerang

It is possible for Oneserve to set up a reporting service with Boomerang, this will show all messages that have been sent and received, you will need to create a ticket via the Oneserve Support Portal to request this service is enabled.

What Boomerang do is link your email address or domain to a boomerang account their side and if you send an email with the start / end date parameters in the body of the email to it will respond with a CSV.

To get the report you need to send a blank email (no signature or subject required) to and include within the body of the email the start and end date parameters defining the period you need the report to cover.

This is the format