Oneserve 9.6 - 15 September 2014

Release Notes

You can view the main features for Version 9.6 here

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD- 2484 Work Types Ability to assign new priorities to work types
OSD- 2747 Mobile Survey Ability to stop engineers reviewing survey results once it has been complete.
OSD- 2760 Mobile Multiple contacts can now be visible on the mobile instead of one contact only
OSD- 2762 Users Ability to review how many mobile licenses have been used
OSD- 2788 Approval Rule A new approval rule has been added. The rule is costThreshold minus totalCosts - Apply if costs have changed since previous version
OSD- 2812 Stock Management Variances values on the new stock check page will turn green for positive figures or red for negative. This will help identify the stock that requires further actions
OSD- 2812 Stock Management Ability to make a store inactive and the option to reactive the store
OSD-2675 Stock Management Purchase order page now has the option to search for orders using a job reference used on a order
OSD-2675 Stock Management Purchase orders can now be modified at draft and submitted stages



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD- 2129 Job Appointment The desktop application will now apply the same 'Additional Appointment' event used on the mobile phone.
OSD- 2261 Job Cost Using minimum order value will now display the corresponding cost description on the job cost tab
OSD- 2265 Activities Ability to download all activities to a csv file.
OSD- 2590 Survey Option to create a new survey by entering the details on the survey page
OSD- 2751 Job Activities The activity history tab will now show any manual changes to the resource name for each activity.
OSD- 2772 Stock Management Ensure stock part numbers are unique before the part is added or updated.
OSD- 2787 Job Version When a job version is cancelled it will remove costs that have been applied on the current version
OSD- 2809 New Search Improvement on how the results on the new search page are updated
OSD- 2812 Stock Management The resource list on the store create screen will now filter out inactive resources
OSD-2675 Stock Management After completing a stock invoice it will update the status to invoiced on the Purchase order
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