Photos on Mobile


Photos can be added to appointments on the mobile using the camera icon, you can set photos to be mandatory on appointments so the user will need to upload a image before they can mark an appointment as complete. 

If you would like to make photos mandatory please email and we can enable this feature for you. 

Adding images on the mobile

1. Take the photo on the mobile

2. Open oneserve and navigate to the current appointment. 

3. Select the camera icon

4. click on the 'Select one image' button

5. Select the image that needs to be uploaded

6. You can change the file name and click upload


Photo Annotations 

1.  Once you have selected your image to upload you can use the Annotate button


2. You can select the colour you would like to use


3. Using the second icon you can control how thick the lines will be when you draw on the image. 


4. The paint brush icon will allow you to change the a pencil or a paint brush

5. If you would like to clear all the annotations you can use the cross icon. 
The arrows will undo or redo any changes made to the image.

6. Once you have completed the annotations select the Done button and then upload the image.