Oneserve 10.0 - 6th October 2014

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-2824 Asset Search Service date has been added to the Asset Search page. You can add the service date as a column and use the advaced feature to create views using the data.
OSD-2908 Create Job The Help Link on QJC has been pointed to our new help centre
OSD-2879 Job Part Option to use request another part when adding a part to a job, this will keep the adding part form open and ready to use instead of going back to the job part tab.
OSD-2860 Mobile There is a setting to allow multiple contacts to show on the mobile. It will pick up the contacts from the site and display all details on the mobile if you would like this feature turned on please email
OSD-2875 Stock New option to make stock parts active and inactive



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-2751 Activity When an appointment is created on a job the associate activities will have the activity history updated to show the resource name for the person who has the appointment
OSD-2928 Appointments Improvements to the multi-day appointments option on the scheduler, it will check working time for the resources before booking appointment
OSD-2746 Approval Rules Enhancement to how cost approval rules handle decimal numbers and rounding.
OSD-2752 Create Job The cause drop down box can be added to the QJC screen for new and existing sites
OSD-2417 Job Status When you create a new job status there is a JobStatus description field, this field has been made mandatory as the description is used on the workflow page so it cannot be blank
OSD-2919 Mobile Activity Only activities with a valid cost value will show on the mobile.Once the cost end date expires the activity will no longer show on the mobile device.
OSD-2767 Mobile Photo Photos can be made mandatory on the mobile so the user has to upload a image before they can complete the job. This will work for each client on the system and will affect mobile users
OSD-2929 New Search On the new search page you can select a number of jobs and click bulk job update. This screen will now display the invoices on the system which can be added to the selected jobs.
OSD-2888 Site The same reference number can be used for sites as long as the client is different. The system will not allow sites to have the same reference if you try adding them for the same client.
OSD-2851 Stock Good receipts can now accept the same part number from different purchase orders. It will combine the part into one line and calculate the total quantity but still display both PO's as a link
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