Overview of the New Features

Overview of New Features

  • New Usage Type Page
  • Uplift/Discount for New Clients
  • Mobile Application Design
  • New Search Functions
  • Total Cost on Purchase Orders & Stock Invoices 
  • New Create Button
  • Clone Job
  • Mobile Survey


New Usage Type Page

A new page to allow users to create new usage types and modify existing entries. Usage types are set against a site when the site is created and against work types. More information can be found under Usage Types


Uplift/Discount for New Clients

When you create a new client you have the option to copy the activities from an existing client. Once you have selected a client you can set a uplift or discount for the activity costs. More details regarding creating new clients can be found under Adding New Client


Mobile Application Design

The design of the mobile application has been refreshed to improve the user experience. We have also been working in the background on changes to improve speed and performance of the mobile app.


New Search Functions

On the new search page there is a feature called CompletedWithinTarget, it will displays N or Y depending on if the job was completed in or out of target. Details on how to use this function can be found under the job search examples

Total Cost on Purchase Orders & Stock Invoices 

Total cost columns have been added to the purchase order and invoice pages. The total cost is against each part line and an overall total cost value.


New Create Button 

A button has been added to the menu bar called New, it is a drop down that contains links to the pages that create new items on the system. Users will need to have the rights for the page access for them to appear in the list. 

The system will remember the last option you use.

Clone Job

Clone job functionality has been added to the system.

On the job details page you can select clone job to create a new job. The new job will consist of the original jobs Activities, Work Log Type, Description, Priority, Job Code and Cause. You will have the option to change the site address if it is for a different address. If the jobs are related you can link them together when you create the clone job or at any time after.


Mobile Survey

The survey section has been redesigned for the mobile and the functionality in the background has been improved. 

You will notice when you complete a survey on the mobile the answers will be displayed clearly and automatically take the user to the next question in the list.


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