Creating Emergency Appointments


Emergency appointments work in a slightly different way to normal appointment. For it to be an emergency job the job priority needs to be set to an emergency type. When the system looks for available resources it will use the emergency postcode coverage.

If you have an emergency job you will need to make sure your priory has been set to emergency. 

1. On the job your priority is shown on the job details page.

2. To check that the priority is emergency select the admin menu and then click on Priorities 

3. Search for your priority and click on the name to review the details. The emergency field should be ticked.

When you create an appointment it will use the postcode coverage set up for emergency cover. 

4. You can review your resource setup by selecting the Admin menu and then the Team link. Select your team and click on the resource tab. 

5. The emergency postcode coverage can be found at the bottom. More information regarding postcode coverage can be found here.

6. When you create your appointment you will be able to allocate the job to any available resource. 

Creating an appointment will show resources that are active, cover the postcode of the site and they are able to complete the service for the job.If you have any problems booking the appointment please review our troubleshooting section.


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