Mobile Data Usage

The amount of data that is used by the mobile application can vary widely as it depends on such factors as:

  • The number of jobs processed.
  • The number and size of Surveys performed.
  • The number of Library Activities and Asset Types stored for adding activities and assets in off-line mode.
  • The amount of photos uploaded.
  • The number of times data is refreshed.
  • The number of times a user is logged out.
However, as an example, a user with 10 appointments, each with one CP12 survey on it and who stores 700 Library Activities and 500 Library Assets locally will consume approximately 100KB per day with one refresh.
The app itself when it is initially downloaded is approximately 2MB in size and a user may refresh this a few times per month.
So allowing for a a few data refreshes per day an approximate figure of 0.5MB per user per day as a daily average.
This does not include photo uploads.  Photos can be compressed to different degrees when they are uploaded based on user configuration.
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