Client Overview



Clients are an essential part of Oneserve's working and are tied to many areas of the system. Clients represent entities for which you provide services and are used within Oneserve to manage different costs, activities, and work types to reflect the different ways in which you work with each entity.

The below diagram demonstrates how clients interact with the rest of the Oneserve system:


Client Mappings


When creating sites you must specify a client with which to associate the site. This is used when creating jobs, as the site selected will limit the work type options to those associated with the client.


Work Types

Clients can be assigned individual work types. These work types are linked to work log types which are used to define the type of work undertaken for different clients.



Users are assigned clients in order to control what parts of the system they can access. In order to interact with jobs and sites, the user will need to be granted access to the associated client in the user settings.



When you create a new client you can copy the activities from an existing client or import a new set of activity codes. Activities are used when you create a job and it will determine what service and team are assigned to the job.

Activities hold the sale and cost values and the can have multiple clients assigned to one activity.



Services are assigned to activities when they are created. You will then have your services specified on a work type to indicate what work type should be used after you add the activities during the create job stage.


The service chosen on a job will determine what team and resource will be able available for the job. The team and resource will need the service added to their account before they will be available.


Teams and Resources

Teams and resources are indirectly linked to clients based on the service set against an activity. Teams are linked to clients based on what clients are assigned to the user that creates the team.


The coding field can be set on the QJC or on the Job Details page when you are changing job details. Codes can be created using the codes page under Admin -> Jobs -> Codings. They need to been assigned to client and work log type.