Oneserve 9.7 - 01 October 2014

Release Notes

You can view the main features for Version 9.7 here

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development ID

System AreaDescription
OSD-2810 Job The create button on the QJC will now remember the last option you used.
OSD-2889 Library Asset Improvement to the accuracy of the search of library assets. This is on the Asset register page and it will only show results that match the search criteria.
OSD-2860 Mobile Using a Client param setting you can control if all site contacts should appear on the mobile or just the preferred contact
OSD-2516 Oneserve Change to the Oneserve header to be blue
OSD-2745 Scheduling Changed to the optimiser to work with overlapping appointment slots. The optimiser runs in the background to arrange jobs in the most efficient way.
OSD-2824 Search Service Date has been added as an option on the Asset Search page
OSD-2749 Site Contacts The contact references field on site contacts is now a unique field so you cannot use the same reference for different contacts
OSD-2888 Site/Location Removed the ability to add a new site with the same reference as an existing site. This will stop issues on the create job page when entering the site ref to locate the correct site.
OSD-2875 Stock Management The option to make stock parts active and inactive
OSD-2879 Stock Management A fix to the tick box to allow another part to be request on a job. This will keep the request form open to add multiple parts before being returned to the job part page.
OSD-2835 Users Information to display how many mobile licenses have been used on the system. This shows under the user section
OSD-2458 Work Type Option to add a default supplier to Work Type. When you create a job and select the activities it will allocate the work type and the supplier if specified. Using the supplier is chosen alphabetically



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-1814 Activity Group Ability to create activity groups using the application
OSD-2187 Job Improving the loading of the available coding values on the QJC screen. This is a drop down menu on the bottom of the QJC
OSD-2554 Mobile Improvements on how the mobile displays surveys for assets added via the mobile to an appointment
OSD-2665 Scheduling Removed the reoccurring event when you reschedule an appointment which originally had a Note event added on the Scheduling screen
OSD-2666 Teams/Supplier When you reinstate a deactivated resource they will appear under the supplier list on the job without having to clear the cache
OSD-2756 Job Usability improvement for the menu button and the QJC page when using Oneserve on a iPad
OSD-2834 Mobile You can review the activities on the mobile for all appointments before clicking the start work button. This is for engineers to be able to look through all of their jobs for the day and know what activities they will need to do
OSD-2838 Scheduling Improved the Auto Appointment button on pooled appointment screen, this is to allow users to book jobs to any suitable resource at any available time
OSD-284 Job Modify to the script that generate signatures for appointments. When the engineers have a signature entered on the mobile it will show on the desktop under he Resource tab
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