Travel/Working Time


Travel and working time can be recorded on the mobile, this information will be sent back to the desktop application to work out the labour costs for the job. 

If a user has a problem with the working or travel time super users can modify the time on the desktop version. More details on how to do this can be found under Resources

1. Open the appointment on the mobile

2. Select the Start Travel button. For more information about the Directions button please click here

3. Once the user has arrived at the site they need to use the Start Working button. This will stop the travel time. 

4. Once the job has been completed the user will use the 'All Work Complete button'. This will stop the working time. 

5. If the engineer takes a break they can use the pause button to stop their time being calculated against the job. 


For more information on how the travel and working time appears on a job please review the Resource User guide