Changing Appointment Type Pooled/Fixed

When you schedule appointments it will be saved as a Pooled or Fixed appointment depending on the process used to book the appointment.

The type of appointments will have an effect on your team's optimisation. By increasing the amount of pooled appointments you will improve the optimisation because the system can reschedule more appointments to find the best schedule to reduce the overall drive time which will increase the team availability for additional appointments. 

You can identify the appointment type by the [P] for pooled or [F] for fixed



User Type Right - Change appointment Type [CAT]


To change the appointment type

1. Select the Scheduler page

2. Double-click on the appointment. This will open the details panel

3. Select the 'Change' button next to the type label


4. Click yes to save the changes

5. The [P] or [F] indicate will be updated on your appointment


Changing Fixed to Pooled

If you are moving a Fixed appointment to be a Pooled appointment it will calculate the day division relevant for the appointment time. 

The process will check the time of the current Fixed appointment and review what day division cover match the time period. If you have overlapping day divisions it will use the sequence id we hold against the day division to decide which one will be relevant. 

If you are unsure of the sequence of your day division you can contact our support desk by raising a support call through our help centre. 

Once the appointment has been moved to be a Pooled appointment it can be used by the nightly optimiser if its active on your system. The optimiser will have the option to reschedule the appointment within the new day division. 


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