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Oneserve offers a number of ways to search your asset catalogue using its powerful search views. Below are some examples of how you can work with assets.

For more details, see our article on creating search views.


Service Date

Note: Modifying search view columns requires the MANAGE_SEARCH_CRITERIA user type right

Assets in Oneserve often have service dates registered against them to let you know when the asset was last serviced. Using search views, you can easily construct views to surface this information and group together assets at different stages of servicing.

To add the service date column to the asset search page:

  • Click on the cog icon at the top right of the search view to open the column configuration page


  • Use the search bar to find the column named "Service Date"


  • Reorder the columns to your liking and click "Save" to commit your changes. When you are returned to the view, you will be able to see the service date against the asset and order it by ascending or descending date order


Oneserve's default filters do not allow you to perform filtering by service date, but by making use of OQL you can easily perform date-related queries against an asset's service date by using the siteServiceDateAttribute value.

No Service Date

To return assets with no service date listed against them, switch to Advanced search mode and use the following query:

siteServiceDateAttribute is null


Service Date Within x Days

Since the service date field is a date field, we can make use of the dtoff command to return values. The below example will return any asset whose service date is greater than 1 year ago, but less than or equal to 335 days ago, meaning that the service is due within the next 30 days given a yearly cycle.

siteServiceDateAttribute > dtoff(-365d) and siteServiceDateAttribute <= dtoff(-335d) order by siteServiceDateAttribute asc 

This logic can be used to compare the service date to any time period. For example, to return assets whose service date is within the next 30-60 days, we can search for any that have a service date value over 335 days ago, but less than or equal to 305 days ago.

siteServiceDateAttribute > dtoff(-335d) and siteServiceDateAttribute <= dtoff(-305d) order by siteServiceDateAttribute asc

Filtering by Manufacturer

Oneserve offers a built-in filter to query an asset's manufacturer. To do this:

  • Click on the "More Filters" and select "Manufacturer" from the list


  • Once this filter has been added, click on the "Manufacturer" search bar and select the manufacturer(s) you'd like to filter by


  • This will return results for any assets belonging to the manufacturers listed


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