Work Type: Minimum Order Value (MOV)


Minimum Order Values(MOV) are set against individual work types. As a default they are all set to No order value. 

When a job has been created the activity costs will be checked to see if they are below the MOV value, If the job cost is below the MOV the system will add another cost to the job to make up the difference.

 User Type Right - Work Type [WEL] and Work Type - MOV Tab [WTMOV]

  1. To add a MOV you will need to open the work type, Select the Admin Menu - Jobs - Work types
  2. Open the work type that needs to be amended
  3. On the top row of the work type you will have a MOV tab. 
  4. Select Edit Order Value 
  5. You can enter a value for the Minimum Order Value and the Average Order Value 


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