Overview of the New Features

Overview of New Features

  • New Design
  • Default for create button on QJC
  • Default supplier on work type
  • New Search Page 
  • New Quick Search
  • Reset Password option
  • New Stock Page
  • Ability to Create a Stock Check
  • Stock Management Enhancements 

 New Design

The main menu bar on the system has changed to Blue inline with the Oneserve brand. You will also notice other areas of the system change colour with table headers and buttons also being the new blue.   There has also been a format change to buttons on the system to update the look and feel of the system, the functionality has stayed the same


Default for create button on QJC

When you create a job you have to select one of the options for the submit button. The system will now remember the last option you have used and keep that as you individual default.  


Default Supplier on Work Type

A default supplier can be added to a work type to specify what supplier/team should be selected when a job has been created. This will ensure the correct supplier/team has been chosen depending on what type the job is. Without a default supplier/team the system will pick the first supplier/team in the list alphabetically. More information can be found under Supplier/Team

New Search Page 

We've introduced a new fast and flexible way to search jobs and assets in Oneserve. You can create you own 'Views' of data by adding multiple filters, adding and removing columns and sorting data. The table can be quickly and easily configured using the cog icon, the individual columns can be selected and arranged in any order.

Once the search view has been created the data can be export via a CSV file or update the results using a direct link to the bulk job update screen.

More information about creating new searches can be accessed here

Saving and Sharing

You can save the search criteria’s for your personal review or share the search with other user types for greater collaboration.

More information regarding saving and sharing searches can be accessed here



New Quick Search

If you quickly need to find a Job or Site location you can now use the quick search bar which appears on the top menu bar. 

Just Start typing in a Job Ref, Address or Postcode and a list of matching jobs and locations appear. Select the record you need and it will direct you to the job or site page.


Reset Password

The login page now has the option to reset your password. If you select forgot my password you can enter you username or email address. Details on how to reset the password will be sent to your email address.


If you need to add an email address to your account you can do this by selecting the Admin menu and open the Users page. By selecting edit on a particular user the email address can be modified. You may need to contact your super user if you do not have the access rights.


New Stock Page 

We have created a new stock page which will display your stock catalogue to include cost, quantity and allocated stores. 

You can define the results displayed on the stock page by using the multiple filters and order by selected columns. 

The quick filter will work using the Store Name, Part Number or Part Description. 


New Stock Check 

This new functionality offers the ability to create a stock check to allow your users to compare your stock levels with the quantities on Oneserve. You can specify the data you would like to be included by using the filters on the stock page before creating the stock check.

After the stock check has been completed you can transfer stock, request recounts or update current stock levels. 


Stock Management Enhancements 

On the purchase order page you can now search for orders using a Job Reference, on individual orders there is a hyperlink to the job so you can review or amend the parts details.

Stores can be made inactive and reactivated again. Any parts left in the store will need to be transferred before you can deactivate a store, this is so you do not lose any stock on the system. Please click here fore more details. 


We have made it easier to identify the links between a Purchase Order to Good Receipt and Good Receipt to Invoice. 

When you select the purchase order line you can see the attached Good Receipt, the link will take you to the Good Receipt page.

The links will show on the detail lines for the Purchase Order, Good Receipt and Invoices.


Full Release Notes

You can review our full release notes using the following link.

Our release notes have been grouped into versions that correspond to when the work was carried out. Versions 9.4-9.7 are included in the October upgrade. 

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