Default Supplier on Work Type and Site



A default supplier can be used to pre determine what supplier will be chosen when a job has been created. The preferred supplier can be set against a work type or against a site, if a supplier has been set against both it will use the supplier on the site as the default.

For the default supplier to be selected when you create a job the supplier needs to cover the service and the postcode area for the site. Services on a job are selected depending on the activities added when you create a job, the service will then determine what work type will be appropriate for the job. Services are allocated to suppliers and resources to identify who is available to cover the work on a job. 

If a default supplier has not been specified the first supplier who is available to cover the location and service in the alphabetical list will be selected. This will also apply if the default supplier is unable to cover a job whether its the postcode coverage or service.

Default Supplier on Work Type

1. Work Types can be found by going to the Admin menu - Jobs - Work Type

2. Select the Work Type name to open the details

3. Click the edit button at the top of the page

4. At the bottom of the page you will have a 'Default Supplier' drop down. Select the relevant Supplier/team that you would like to be the default. 

5. Click save.



Required setting for Default Supplier

For the default supplier to be selected when you create a job the supplier/team will need to cover the postcode for the site and the service. The service is driven from the activities selected. 

To check the Supplier/Team you can follow the following steps.

1. Suppliers/Teams can be found by going to the Admin menu - Teams - Teams or Suppliers

2. Select the Supplier/Team that you need to check

3. Select the service tab and check for the services. Services are allocated on the work type. 

4. Check your resources also cover the services. To do this select the resource tab from the supplier/team, once you have selected a resource click on the services tab.

5. If the services are not already in the list you can add it using the drop down at the bottom of the page.

6. Check your resources and supplier/team cover the postcodes used on your sites. 




Default Supplier on a Site/Location

A default supplier can also be used on individual sites. This preferred supplier will override the work type supplier.

1.You can add a preferred supplier by opening the location/site details.

2. Select the supplier tab and click on 'Add preferred supplier'

3. Chose the service and the required supplier. 

4. Click on insert for the supplier to be added to the site. The next job raised on this site that uses the specified service from the activities will have the default supplier assigned. 


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