Attribute History



All changes to site attributes are kept within Oneserve to make it easy to review the history of a site. A record of each manual change and each survey record is stored against its relative site, and attributes can be easily edited on-the-fly within the site attributes tab.


  • Select the site using the site search page or select the site link from a job. Attributes will be listed under the "Attributes" tab


  • To change the attribute details you can select the edit button next to 'View History' or use the edit button next to each question.



  • Attribute details can also be updated using job surveys. Job surveys appear on the mobile when engineers complete their appointments and on the job survey tab for the desktop application.


  • There will be a separate history event for each job survey and manual update of details on the site details page.


  • To review the details select the survey name.


  • If you manually change the details the history will show the questions that has been altered. A job Survey will display all questions from the survey.


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