Additional Appointment Required



If all activities on a job cannot be completed in a single appointment, mobile operatives can highlight this by using the "Additional Appointment Required" feature. Oneserve search views can be used to filter jobs which are in need of additional appointments to help schedulers find work that needs to be assigned.

For more detail, please see our article on creating search views


All Additional Appointment Reasons

Using OQL, it is possible to create views which show jobs that are in need of additional appointments using something like the following:

jobStatusGroup in ('In Progress') and job in jobsWithEvents('RA') and job not in jobsWithAppointments(PENDING, "all")
  • jobStatusGroup in ('In Progress','Pending') - Shows all jobs which are in a pending or in progress state
  • and job in jobsWithEvents('RA') - Shows only jobs which have had the "Additional Appointment Required" event adding to them
  • and job not in jobsWithAppointments(PENDING, "all") - Shows only jobs which do not have a pending appointment against them

Specific Additional Appointment Reasons

Using the "Additional Appointment Reason" filter, you can filter by specific reasons given for the additional appointment.