Additional Appointment Required


Any text in blue can be copied into the advanced box on the search page. The text in Red describes individual sections that can be found within the blue statements.

Details on how to create searches can be found under Creating a Search View

All Additional Appointment Reasons

jobStatusGroup in ('In Progress','Pending') This will pick up all jobs that have a status within the in progress and pending groups. 

and job in jobsWithEvents('RA') This section will display jobs that have the additional appointment event.

and job not in jobsWithAppointments(PENDING, "all") Will look for jobs that do not have a pending appointment already booked. 

jobStatusGroup in ('In Progress') and job in jobsWithEvents('RA') and job not in jobsWithAppointments(PENDING, "all")



Individual Reasons

You can specify individual reasons for additional appointment required. You can change 'Two People Required to be Carded, Material Required, Additional Works Needed or any other reason you have set up on your system. 

Using the cog button you can add Additional Appointment Reasons and Additional Appointment Notes as columns. 

Basic Filters
Job Status Group - Pending and In Progress
Has Pending Appointment - Leave this as false 
Additional Appointment Notes - Enter you additional appointment reason eg Carded.