Job Version Status


Details on how to create searches can be found under Creating a Search View 

Version New


Version Awaiting Approval


Version Approved


Version Rejected


 OQL Columns

You can create columns to show who created/approved/rejected versions and the date the event occurred.

To add who actioned the event  - EventLastCreator( {"eventCode":"VERRE"}) 

To add the date that the event occurred - EventDate({"code": "VERRE"})

For different events change VERRE

Events - If you would like to see all of your system event codes please email 

Version Created VERCR

Version Rejected VERRE

Version Approved VERAP

1. Select the cog icon to change to columns

2. Using the add new column dropdown select * Oql Function Column

3. Click on the column name which will be * Oql Function column, enter a new name and click on the green tick.

4. Click on the field that shows --empty--

5. Enter the oql text and click on the green tick.

6. Save the changes.